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This page was a tricky one. Will 'computing' belong to my hobbies or is a computer just a tool? Today I belive a computer tends to be just a tool to me. Ok, it is some kind of Swiss-Army knife. First it replaced a typewriter. Then it allows you to make drawings electronically instead of ink; I am using this feature when 'drawing' orienteering maps. And now it is some kind of information center too using the Internet.

With my latest Apple Computer I get all I need to create video movies. So this is another use of a computer.

With this setup; iMovie - Apple computer - DV-camcorder I have the equipment to create creative media. However I am planning to create only small movies, less than 10 minutes.

Here is a link to the Piccolo movie on this website that is trimmed down for web access. Piccolo is a radio controlled micro electro helicopter which I built and flew in the year 2000.