black beauty, MARIN CXR 29er

I almost forget to mention my (our) new mountain bikes. Radwerk a local bicycle dealer with excellent know-how and great enthusiasm convinced me to buy a MARIN 29er hardtail.29er_MARIN-blog
When it comes to xmas time Radwerk offers a special deal: you get the daynumber as a percentage of the actual price. Too bad that December only has 31 days and Radwerk is closed from 24th until the beginning of January
Now I am driving this MARIN CXR 29er hardtail. No more Cannondale since the support from Radwerk is important for me.
Marianne also bought a similar mountain bike to have equal opportunities again. She got the I.F.T. 29er. Now we have to wait for better weather to go for our rides.

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