the year of the Shermans

image IMG_4289
actually I don't building tanks, but I couldn't resist last autumn's Black Friday offer: a set to age a US military vehicle as it was used in Europe during World War II (ETO). During the past six months I have built three models of a M4 Sherman tank each in a different scale. There is an album of every model, i.e. in 1:35, 1:48 and 1:72. This was quite an unexpected long time and I wonder whether it was worth it.
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excursion to the Makers

inspired by Alain, who works at the PH in media design with a Calliope mini, I also got myself such a microcontroller. Interesting to see how it all developed, who used to assemble electronic kits in 1980 is now called a maker or the microcontroller itself. The first such kits and boards appeared in the 70s and 80s (PET, AIM65 or µProfessor). Today, much more powerful computers are implemented in a smaller space. I also own some of the best known: Raspberry Pi, Calliope mini, BBC micro:bit or Arduino. With the microbit I have built a (simple) weather station that sends its data to the cloud.
image MCU-galerie-blog

Happy New Year 2020

a few quiet days over the Christmas with family and friends and doing a little sport too. Strava, one of my training apps, summarized my year briefly and presented it in a few key figures (check it on the picture below). I am excited to see how it will continue in the new year.
image newYear2020-en