biking to the upper Tösstal

Spring time is a wonderful time to go out for a bike ride. Last week Marianne and me were biking to the Hörnli and yesterday it was the turn of the Schnebelhorn (highest point of the canton Zurich, 1292 müM).
Schnebelhorn (view from Neurüti)
Together with four colleagues we started in Winterthur. Winterthur - Turbenthal - Steg was a good road and from Steg the real biking begins. I've recorded this part (Steg - Wolfsgrueb - Hand - Schindelberg - Tierhag - Grossegg - Steg) with my GPS and uploaded it to my Garmin Connect account.
Robi, Walter, Karl and Peter near
There are a few more photos on an album on my Flickr account.
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