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photography equipment
Marianne and me were using a Nikon FE and an F-801 SLR camera during the 80ies together with a Minolta CLE rangefinder camera. Both types are 35mm cameras. We still have the Minolta CLE system.
zoom Minolta CLE Minolta CLE rangefinder camera

Then a new era started around 2001: digital imaging! I had the chance to use the Casio QV-10 camera one of the very first digicams. 
Nikon 1, Body coolpix p300 Pentax Opito W60
Right now I'm working with a Nikon 1 J a CoolPix P300 and a Pentax Optio W60. Organizing and processing the photos on the Mac is done with iPhoto. If I had to do some fine tuning or changes I am doing this with Acorn or with Graphic Converter.
Following a more professional route my brother Sam is having top of the class cameras from Nikon (D3) but he is running a photo shooting service with
video camcorder
When Apple Computer introduced Firewire and iMovie in 1999 in their consumer computers I get all I need to create video movies. The only missing piece of hardware was a DV camcorder. After verifying that it was as easy as promised to get good results I bought the Canon MV400i in 2001 followed by a FS100 (flash memory) in 2008.

With this configuration iMovie - Apple computer - DV-camcorder I have another toolset to create creative media. I am creating only small movies, about one to four minutes. This is a link to the Piccolo movie a radio controlled micro electro helicopter on my mobileMe account. I have done that in 2001 and it is trimmed down for limited bandwidth.