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radio controlled models
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Regarding RC airplanes there are only two sailsplanes left from my earlier time. E-Pfiff is an electro glider from Bucher Modellbau Switzerland. It is a rather old (and outdated) model but I always have a lot of fun flying it.
rc model helicopters
This time it went the other way round. First I get the rc-helicopter and afterwards the plastic models.
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In 1979 I built an rc-helicopter from Schlüter the Bell 222 trainer. I put it away frustrated swearing to try it again only if a couple of circumstances become true.
When checking my bookmarks in 1999 I found that the time was come for this 'next try'.
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From my local hobby store (Hope) I bought a Piccolo, an electro micro helicopter from Ikarus. With this little thing having only the absolute minimum to fly I start over again - with success!
There exists a quicktime movie from the
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In 2001 MS-Composit from Czech released another micro e-heli, the Hornet. I got one! It has different characteristics compared to the Piccolo but I like it.
There is also video of the
Hornet on my website.
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The latest members in my hangar ar even smaller than the Hornet and the Piccolo, it is a micro Bell 47G from Graupner and a Lama V3 from E-Sky. These have koaxial rotor systems that is extremely stable.
After weeks of hard indoor training Marianne finally could shoot a video outdoor.
Here it is.
That's all for the moment I have to go flying now ;-)