Fuerteventura in November

beginning of November I traveled to the Canary Islands for one week. On Fuerteventura, I've extended the summer almost for another week. Temperatures between 22° C and 26° C have been common.image lighthouse on the Janida beach
Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are bathing islands, the sandy beach at Morro Jable is 4 kilometers long. I also rented a bike to explore the southern part. It was worth it. Photos from the holiday week are as usual on a Flickr album.
image view from Mirador-los-Canarias

new and fresh look

finally, after the usual detailed and almost endless selection process for a new design, my website is up-to-date again. This time, I also updated the content and deleted or updated some outdated information. There is still one big question: which logo should I use now? I have drawn these three owl logos, they are only visible on sit-down devices. Which one would you choose? Comments are welcome..
image uh-logo-decisions


it has been a quick decision; just a phone call on Tuesday evening that a balloon ride is planned for Wednesday afternoon. But I knew that such trips depend always on many factors. Everything has to fit together, and on the next afternoon we stood ready in Hohentannen to ride a hot air balloon. Piloted by Kurt Frieden (hence the name of this blog entry) we started near the lake of Constance and traveled up to Wil SG.
Of course I took a couple of photos, you may check them at my Flickr album.
image hotair-1s

happy weaving

during the last couple of days I am heavily involved in all kinds of website creating. It started with Rapidweaver and proceeded with Jimdo. Teaching how to build websites I know both, desktop CMS programs like RW and also the sitebuilders like Mozello, Weebly and so on. However I seldom using Jimdo even it is very popular here in Switzerland. Since sitebuilders are self explaining it wasn’t a big thing to write a website Jimdo. But one thing I have learned: Jimdo is now available in two versions. The newer one costs more and has less features, but hey it had some kind of AI built in Gasp
image weaving-spindle

change of scenery

or maybe even more than just a change of scenery (Tapetenwechsel). In addition to a long overdue new topic for the .net website, a revision of the content is also necessary.
And then we already write the year 2018 (late 2018, August to be exact). A few days ago Realmacsoftware released their latest version of RapidWeaver: RapidWeaver 8. Now my english website (.net) definitely belongs to the old iron.
So there is a lot of evidence of a total rebuild of the website.
image 10years-of-rw-icons

exhibition in Andelfingen

over the weekend of 25th and 26th August, we have organized the 4th Modeling Exhibition of the MC-Wyland in the Löwensaal in Andelfingen. This was my first exhibition where I showed my own models; my set of famous Lockheed aircraft and from earlier times the US space flight on a scale of 1: 200.
image modell-uh-2018-andelf
It has been two interesting days that have been fun for me. Very nice conversations with visitors, who remember their story about a certain model and then the model makers also talking to each other. A good atmosphere and an interesting mix of exhibitors. My favorite was that little boy who was enthusiastically studying my rockets and could not get enough information from me about it. I have put together a photo album for our club on Flicker.
image ryan5

Lockheed P-38J Lightning (1:72)

my collection of „famous Lockheed aircrafts“ has lacked one model so far; that of a Lightning P-38. The Lightning was used by the Americans in World War II in the Pacific PTO and in Europe ETO. For a long time I could not decide on a particular variant until I came across a picture of Mark Postlethwaite. It depicts the aerial combat of a Lightning with a Me-163 Komet.
Now I have finished this P-38J-15 flown by Capt Arthur ‚Art‘ Jeffrey of 434th FS/479th FG as a model in scale 1:72. He has been awarded the first (and only) shoot down of a Komet with a P-38. On the German side, however, no losses were registered on that day, which may well be true if one reads the various reports available.
image IMG_2028s