RC models

Building and flying sailplanes, helicopters and even a rocket-glider
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In my youth, I have actively practiced this hobby together with my brother. We built sailplanes, engine powered models and even a Heli (Schlüter Bell 222). But I never was able to fly the helicopter. Our interests shifted and only a few years ago I started to build RC models again.

It started again with HLG (hand launched glider) or DLG (discus launched glider) models. The first one I’ve build was a Hattric.
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With its Jedelsky wing and V-tail it is not suitable for DLG. But to be honest the Hattric is already an outdated model. On the Internet, I found a company that concentrates on glider models only: dreamflight. The Libelle model is a good-natured DLG sailor with whom I can quickly make a few flights in the evening.
At random (newsletter from Hobbyshop Hässig) I discovered a model of the Me163 in early in 2018. This is a sailplane who is powered by a solid-fuel rocket engine. Almost like the original rocket fighter my model also rises vertically in the sky.
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Instead of the red painted model (red is the most popular color of all Me163 models) I built a green one. Overall green has been the color of the Japanese version J8M1 Shusui. The Shusui has a fascinating story that I carried over to my other hobby building plastic models. A short video of one of the first starts is on my Vimeo account.
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