This is a brief report of my activities on the World Wide Web. When I started working for one of the biggest Apple resellers in Switzerland in 1991 nobody could foresee what would change with the rise of the Internet.


jan 2021, new webhost (hostfactory)
as (almost) every year I do an update of all my websites; changing the year in copyright notices and footers. This year also the policy of my current webhoster supprises me in an unfriendly way.
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Since my personal websites aren't very important regarding uptime, I think it is a good time to have moved this website to my shared webhosting account at hostfactory too.
feb 2019, big update
this year is starting with IT in all aspects. First I moved all my websites to new hosts, second I've updated our wireless LAN at home and finally my computer gets new software (RapidWeaver update) and the latest operating system (Mojave).
jan 2019, website moved to A2 Hosting
my website has a new host. My Superhosting Extreme account on site5 is history. I was a bit disappointed about their changes throughout the years and then I saw the recommendations of Realmacsoftware.
image a2-logo  That’s why I give A2-Hosting a try now.
aug 2018, website update and new RW theme
RW 7 is around for more than one year now and when supporting friends of me to create modern website I’ve checked my favourite theme designers Elixir Graphics and Multithemes too. I then decide to give my website not only a new look but keep its content updated as well.
dec 2015, RapidWeaver 6
RW 6 has been out since mid year but I didn’t find the time yet to update all my websites to the new version. During xmas holiday I catch up with it. There are a few updates necessary and Flexible List page won’t work anymore.
apr 2015, finally responsive
sure it is overdue by many months but I would also strip down the content of my english website as well. But since things have changed dramatically I decided to have the website responsive first and then subsequently trim down the content. There are about five possible new themes I was evaluating. Ruby from Elixir is the theme that I am using now.
feb 2014, updates
it is now three years since this website is running with that particular theme and there is nothing to complain about. A lot has changed during that time and it's not the blog that should get an update but the pages that make the website.
oct 2013, iCloud arrives
first we had .mac then we saw the .me services and now Apple again changes their service to something called iCloud. Cloud services are all the rage. Let's see how easy they will be for "the rest of us".
jul 2011, updates RW and website
in march Realmac Software announces a new version of RapidWeaver (v 5.x) with some not so simple changes as I have noticed really soon. Most notable was the way assets were handled (they are resources now and reside in an own folder). Now that everything has cleared up its time to update to RW 5 and by the way choose a fresh theme from Elixir named 3D.
apr 2010, new theme on my website
after more than one year having the Antidote theme from Elixir I found that it is about time for something new. Choosing a new theme however took a long time. And my choice goes to Elixir again with its Mini theme. But I slightly modified it to Mini-wide ;-)
sept 2008, info-domain cancelled
for half a year I run the two websites in parallel but on 18. September the .info domain was closed. I decide not to renew that subscription. During the last years I ran into several problems because of the bad image dot info domains have got. Now all my data is on the new domain.
may 2008, german website ready
while changing my domain names (I want to get rid of the .info domain name) I've also searched for one with a .ch ending and found that uhebeisen was free on both .net and .ch domains. The german website is online since may 2008.
jan 2008, new website design
RW is now version 3.6 and again increasing its feature list. All major theme developers have upgraded their themes to RW 3.6 functionality. Time to choose a new theme reflecting todays webdesign.
jan 2007, website built with RW 3.5
RapidWeaver is continously being updated and enhanced, version 3.5 is out for half a year now but I was just working with it on my "test" computer. Now comes the time and my website is converted to RW 3.5
apr 2006, website update
made a few design changes (only minor ones). After purchasing a theme from seyDesgin that could be customized I could create a site with RW that comes very close to my previous design. Thank you Adam!
march 2006, new hosting plan
updated my webhosting plans with site5. RapidWeaver is still my favourite application to build websites.
jan 2005, new website design
updating my website, give it a new "fresh" design. This time am giving RapidWeaver a try. RapidWeaver allows someone to write websites with only little (or even no) HTML knowledge.
march 2003, new virtual host
transferring the website to a new shared host at site5
jan 2002, website update
update of the website and transfer it to the host (Featureprice). Now I'm working with GoLive as WYSIWYG editor and BBEdit as an excellent code editor. The design is still the same - only minor cosmetic changes but I'm using CSS and JavaScript now.
jan 2002, virtual host
established a virtual host with Featureprice a webhoster based in Florida and transfer the domain name to it
nov 2001, domain
getting an own domain name (
nov 1996, personal webpage
first website on the Internet but not with an own domain name (
apr 1996, Internet access (dial up)
getting full Internet access through dataway. dataway is an ISP located in Winterthur, these were the days when you have carefully to distinguish between a local call and a nation-wide call ;-).
apr 1995, webpages OLG Welsikon
choosing dataway as our ISP (ftp access only) and creating the web pages of OLG Welsikon my former orienteering club.
feb 1995, eWorld
getting my eWorld subscription (uhebeisen), accessing it with a 2400 baud modem.
Ton abspielen
dec 1990, CompuServe
using Compuserve (100015,75) as a source of data for my computer and emailing with business friends around the world.