Midnattsolgaloppen 2019

Again in Norway, and again at a multi-day orienteering event north the Arctic Circle. For the third time I take part in the Midnattsolgaloppen 2019. This year Nadine also participates in that event. We travel to Alta, which is located in the province of "Finnmark". In Maze, 70 km south of Alta, we take part in a regional OL, before the races of the MG2019 started in Rafsbotn and Kaiskuru.
image nadine-d3-102
Since the OLs tooke place only in the evening, we had enough time throughout the day to visit various attractions in the region. Following the competitions we made a day trip by car to the North Cape. We are lucky, the weather was right. As usual all the photos of our trip are stored in two albums on flickr (Alta Nr1, Alta Nr2).
image N+U_Nordkap
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