Fieseler Fi-156 Storch

over the Christmas holidays I fit the model of the Fieseler Fi-156 Stork into the surrounding environment: winter with snow. I had already finished the airplane model a year ago, but it still missed the right environment and the figures.
For once it is not the airplane that is most important, but the "black men" of the ground crew. My model has just landed and is currently being refueled. There are a few photos of the construction and the various stages up to the display stand on my Flickr album.

Christmas 2017

the year 2017 is soon ending and like almost every year before Christmas it is always hectic. This has not been different this year. For all three of us it has been a point landing Winking
It is all the better if we decorate the Christmas tree all together on Christmas Eve and spend a few pleasant hours together. Usually I summarize what we did and experienced during the year in a Christmas letter.

BMT, 30. September

over the weekend of 30.09. and 01.10, the modelling fellows of Basel have invited modellers to their exhibition; the Basel modelling days (BMT). Some members of the MC Wyland have their models on display there. I've used the opportunity to meet up with a former Swisscom colleague and later visited the show to take a few photos.

SOM 2017, San Gottardo

orienteering on the Gotthard pass; the relay Swiss championships (SOM) 2017 has been held in the alpine terrain of the Gotthard.
I've been "kindly invited" to run in a thurgorienta team this year. Together with Peter Schoch and Heiri Greminger, we formed a team in the men's 180 class. Here on the Gotthard pass we found an impressive scenery and best possible weather to do orienteering. Anyway, my knees have not properly recovered in the following week; therefore I stopped my orienteering season this year after this event.

thunderstorm over Rossbuck

during the night of 2nd August, a massive thunderstorm hit the Weinland from Andelfingen towards the lake of Constance (lower lake). Within ten minutes, a so-called super cell has wreaked havoc. The Rossbuck has been affected too.
The roof of the barn has particularly suffered. Several trees around the house are uprooted and overturned (machine shed, parking garage, workshop). The walnut tree in the garden and the one in front of the house half tipped over. The forest in north and east of the house suffered badly. I will document the damage and the following cleanup on a flickr album, a few short videos shot with my multicopter are uploaded to a set on Vimeo.

Fokker E.V/D.VIII model kit

for one year now, I am in a model building club and it is common that we each take our models to the monthly club meetings. By chance, I took one of my old models the Fokker D.VIII in 1:48 scale with me last month. That model comes from DML Dragon, I built it about 20 years ago.
In scale 1:72, I have another model of that type from Eduard. The enthusiasm for this aircraft is back again and now I have finished one model of a Roden kit in 1:72 too. There are more photos of all models on my flickr album.

cycling around the Lake Constance (lower lake)

Nadine really would like to come with me to the MG2017, that was unfortunately not possible for business reasons. After all, she could take a few days off. Together, we went on a bike tour around the lower lake of Lake Constance. On the first day we were biking from Winterthur through the Thurgau to the Reichenau. Sadly we have missed the ferry from Mannenbach to Reichenau and therefore we had to make an additional loop of 18 km to Konstanz. Logically, this makes us even more hungry and thirsty.
The next morning we were travelling to Radolfzell, Moss, Wangen to Stein am Rhein. From there, the way back to Winterthur was well known to us. For me, two intense and nice weeks have come to an end.reichenau-inselgl-blog


Midnattsolgaloppen 2017, orienteering in Tromsø

for the second time after rienteering at midnight ...">2013, I started at the Midnattsolgaloppen (MG), a four days orienteering competition in the far north of Norway. MG is held every two years always around Midsummer night when the sun never sets for a few weeks. In 2017 MG celebrated the 50th anniversary. This time BUL Tromsø has organized the MG around the city of Tromsø.
Because the competitions begin often in the late evening time remains during the day to travel around or to visit one of the museums at Tromsø. The photos from my trip can be seen again on Flickr. They are split into two albums.

SOLA Duo, driving the broom wagon

yet again I supported the ASVZ team for the SOLA Duo 2017. Silvia and me were driving the broom wagon. The SOLA duo, a finisher event, which takes place only every two years is organized by the ASVZ. In a team of two, competitors run or ride from St.Gallen to Zürich. It starts at midnight and the fastest teams arrive early in the morning in the ASVZ facility at the Zoo in Zürich. The event has lost nothing of its unique ambience for me. Many participants see that as well; they describe their impressions and evaluate it on the online platform Laufkalender.ch as unique or mystical (check it yourself). Madlaina Walther has taken the photos from the event (password is: Sola_Duo_2017).
Photo by Madlaina Walther

Zeppelinflug, 16.05.2017

Flying on an airship was a long-held wish of me. Last Tuesday this wish comes true. I was traveling by airship vom Friedrichshafen over the lake of Konstanz to the isle of Mainau an along the lakeside back to the Zeppelin Hangar.
With the best possible weather this has been an unforgettable trip. As usual my photos are located on a Flickr album. I even did a few short video clips. They may be viewed on my Vimeo collection.
When traveling by airship I remember Airship Venture a company founded by Brian Hall in San Francisco. He offered a similar service from 2008 until 2012 with the same type of airships.

Stöff Memorial OL, Wildberg

The Swiss orienteering event calendar looks rather unusual this year. No national events until mid of June, mhh. Therefore it was easy one for Nadine to convince me of a start at this regional competition in Jonschwil. It was a pleasant surprise to be back on this map again.

STOKYS - 75th anniversary

The famous swiss manufacturer STOKYS of metal construction kits is celebrating his 75 anniversary with an exhibition at the Technorama in Winterthur. I have visited this interactive exhibition last Saturday.

A very impressive show with many visitors and spectacular models (see my album on Flickr). STOKYS has started a crowdfunding project to get ready for their future. Let’s support it and make it happen.
A brief description about STOKYS is written (in english) on Girders & Gears.

Maître Chocolatier

as a Christmas gift from Nadine, Ivan and Alain I was invited to a workshop at Lindt&Sprüngli to create my own truffes and pralinés. A really „sweet“ gift Happy
Last saturday we drove to Kilchberg and built our own chocolate.
It was fun and we enjoyed it very much. As a result each of us has now is own chocolate supply. Good luck; Ivan has taken a few photos with his new camera that he shared with me.

ice skating Nussbi

short after year's Eve winter has come. In the first few days of January it snowed and then the thermometer remained below zero for two weeks. It was cold enough that the lakes were frozen in our area.
After the lake police checked the thickness of the ice they have been partially released. Over the weekend of 29. January, I did some ice skating on the frozen Nussbaumersee. A nice feeling beeing on the lake again after such a long time.

Xmas and New Year

this year there was no snow in our city on Christmas day, instead it was foggy all day long.
That’s why I toke a day trip to the Säntis on 31. December. It was a wonderful day, sunny and an excellent sight to the east and west.