Alain gets the 1st Dan

from today we have a black belt in our family. Alain passed the exam on 1st Dan at the Dojo-Winti (Club). Photos are on Flickr and two short videos are on Vimeo. Fantastic, if I can follow and accompany the whole development over the different Kiu stages. He attended his first training session in August 2012.
image IMG_3958w

vacation in Rabland

after being 'engaged' for business in Ticino for almost the whole summer, I have recovered a bit in South Tyrol. We used to be at the Hotel Rössl in Rabland for several years and spent our holiday there. So what could be more obvious than going there again and enjoying a few days of vacation. Great scenery, warm atmosphere, best wellness facilities and fine food; I really liked it. Photos of a few hikes to the surrounding mountains can be found on the Flickr album.
image roessl-blog

Zigermeet 2019

On friday 16. of august i travelled to Mollis in the canton Glarus and followed the air show "Zigermeet 2019".
image Pilatus PC-3 display
From early in the morning to the evening there was a lot of flying. I have seen many interesting aircraft and an impressive backdrop, the airfield is located in a valley. As always, the photos and some short videos are on a flicker album.
image Saab Viggen landing

Midnattsolgaloppen 2019

Again in Norway, and again at a multi-day orienteering event north the Arctic Circle. For the third time I take part in the Midnattsolgaloppen 2019. This year Nadine also participates in that event. We travel to Alta, which is located in the province of "Finnmark". In Maze, 70 km south of Alta, we take part in a regional OL, before the races of the MG2019 started in Rafsbotn and Kaiskuru.
image nadine-d3-102
Since the OLs tooke place only in the evening, we had enough time throughout the day to visit various attractions in the region. Following the competitions we made a day trip by car to the North Cape. We are lucky, the weather was right. As usual all the photos of our trip are stored in two albums on flickr (Alta Nr1, Alta Nr2).
image N+U_Nordkap

Pentecost in Mellau

As a gift I received a weekend in Munich from Nadine, Ivan and Alain. We have simply turned this into a wellness weekend. Over the Pentecost weekend, together with them I drove to the Bregenzerwald. In the wellness resort "Sonne Mellau" we enjoyed it just to do nothing. Almost nothing, because a small hike is always possible.image Pfi-2019-alt

orienteering with the monks

I took the last chance to take part in a (forest) orienteering event, before traveling to Norway at the end of June. The Friherrenberg just behind Einsiedeln Abbey is clearly not one of my favorite forests because it is too steep!
To make matters worse, it was wet on Saturday. It was raining not just on the competition day, but through the whole week. As a result the already very steep slopes have become a real slide. Here is the northern part of the orienteering map Friherrenberg is shown, on which the Galgener OL has been held, with the monastery complex at the very top.image friherrenberg-bahn

artist and painter

While the months of March and April were all about printing, May was about painting; somewhat casually expressed. So for the different printing jobs I have always used a special program, namely the Adobe Illustrator.
image Venus-AI-Text
It takes a bit of practice to work efficiently with Illustrator. I took advantage of the momentum and used Illustrator to draw some decals for several modelling "projects". It is definitely not painting; much more drawing. And yes, it's also about art. The decals for my (planned) models of the crashed French aircraft at the Irchel are now ready.

HTTPS on my sites

Times are changing, nowhere is this as true as on the Internet; times change here even fast. It is no secret that google enjoys secure connections (and also would better rate them in their ranking).
After the reorganization of my hosting subscriptions, I have now provided all my websites with SSL certificates. You can see in the address bar a lock is displayed and the web browser is no longer complaining that it is a non-secure connection. Even so I don't transfer any sensitive data, at least the connection from the computer to the host is now encrypted.
image HTTP-vs-HTTPS

IT at home

January has been all about the Internet and the computer. A new wireless network with mesh router had to come, the Mac finally needed a current operating system and my various websites a new host.
image mobile-computing-pwr
This is now done and I can return to my other hobbies.

AIRFIX Gloster Gladiator, 1:72

over the Christmas holidays, I finished a scale model of a Gloster Gladiator. It is a new AIRFIX kit in 1:72. Inspired by a picture of Aviation artist Mark Postlethwaite "Oslo Defender" I finally found the right accessories and above all the right decals to do this particular model.
image AIRFIX model
This Gloster Gladiator has been involved in the first dogfight during operation „Weserübung“. The German Wehrmacht raid on Norway. Sersjant Kristian Fredrik Schye scored the first aerial victory over a Bf 110 on April 9, 1940 near Oslo. There are a few photos of the model on the Flickr album.