New Year and a look back

Strava knows everything, or almost everything... Winking there are a few forms of training that remain 'secret'. I don't want to say too many words about the Corona year 2020. We wish and hope that the new year will be better.
The Strava application is actually not my primary training diary. Nevertheless, I find it interesting when it compiles a summary of my sporting activities at the end of each year. Although I only competed in four orienteering competitions, there were still a few training kilometers.
image strava-summary2020

xmas 2020

Special guidelines and recommendations have also been announced by the BAG for Christmas 2020. We usually celebrate Christmas in close family circles. In that sense, we didn't have to adapt extremely. For Nadine and Ivan, who went to Vienna to see Ivan's sister, some calculation was necessary. But everything worked out and we celebrated together on December 25th. It's nice when everyone is together.
image xmas-time-2020

teaching courses (GBW)

teaching an old dog new tricks, that's how you could describe it. The Corona pandemic challenges everyone to a greater or lesser extent. The schools, and that includes the GBW in Weinfelden too, have to come up with a lot of ideas when it comes to protection concepts. In the fall I taught a few courses and that's how I got around to teaching a few "distance learning" lessons. I've never done that before. For this I got - and received - the support of Alain and Nadine.
image online-training

Happy New Year 2020

a few quiet days over the Christmas with family and friends and doing a little sport too. Strava, one of my training apps, summarized my year briefly and presented it in a few key figures (check it on the picture below). I am excited to see how it will continue in the new year.
image newYear2020-en

Alain gets the 1st Dan

from today we have a black belt in our family. Alain passed the exam on 1st Dan at the Dojo-Winti (Club). Photos are on Flickr and two short videos are on Vimeo. Fantastic, if I can follow and accompany the whole development over the different Kiu stages. He attended his first training session in August 2012.
image IMG_3958w

vacation in Rabland

after being 'engaged' for business in Ticino for almost the whole summer, I have recovered a bit in South Tyrol. We used to be at the Hotel Rössl in Rabland for several years and spent our holiday there. So what could be more obvious than going there again and enjoying a few days of vacation. Great scenery, warm atmosphere, best wellness facilities and fine food; I really liked it. Photos of a few hikes to the surrounding mountains can be found on the Flickr album.
image roessl-blog

Zigermeet 2019

On friday 16. of august i travelled to Mollis in the canton Glarus and followed the air show "Zigermeet 2019".
image Pilatus PC-3 display
From early in the morning to the evening there was a lot of flying. I have seen many interesting aircraft and an impressive backdrop, the airfield is located in a valley. As always, the photos and some short videos are on a flicker album.
image Saab Viggen landing

Midnattsolgaloppen 2019

Again in Norway, and again at a multi-day orienteering event north the Arctic Circle. For the third time I take part in the Midnattsolgaloppen 2019. This year Nadine also participates in that event. We travel to Alta, which is located in the province of "Finnmark". In Maze, 70 km south of Alta, we take part in a regional OL, before the races of the MG2019 started in Rafsbotn and Kaiskuru.
image nadine-d3-102
Since the OLs tooke place only in the evening, we had enough time throughout the day to visit various attractions in the region. Following the competitions we made a day trip by car to the North Cape. We are lucky, the weather was right. As usual all the photos of our trip are stored in two albums on flickr (Alta Nr1, Alta Nr2).
image N+U_Nordkap

Pentecost in Mellau

As a gift I received a weekend in Munich from Nadine, Ivan and Alain. We have simply turned this into a wellness weekend. Over the Pentecost weekend, together with them I drove to the Bregenzerwald. In the wellness resort "Sonne Mellau" we enjoyed it just to do nothing. Almost nothing, because a small hike is always possible.image Pfi-2019-alt

christmas 2018

Soon another year is over, in a few days is New Year's Eve and New Year. All of our family have been at home over the Christmas holidays and we have enjoyed the time together.
image xmas-tree
We do not need many or big gifts anymore. What is more important is the time together, which distinguishes this Christian pracitices and which we live.

top of Winti

a quick survey of my team has shown that city sightseeing takes precedence over technology. I've already heard a lot about the tours run by House-of-Winterthur. On the 11th of December we met in front of the city library for a guided tour with a visit to the church tower.

It's a great thing to be on top of the church tower yourself, where the wind players serenade on New Year's. Photos from up there and from the guide are on my Flickr album.

Fuerteventura in November

beginning of November I traveled to the Canary Islands for one week. On Fuerteventura, I've extended the summer almost for another week. Temperatures between 22° C and 26° C have been common.image lighthouse on the Janida beach
Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are bathing islands, the sandy beach at Morro Jable is 4 kilometers long. I also rented a bike to explore the southern part. It was worth it. Photos from the holiday week are as usual on a Flickr album.
image view from Mirador-los-Canarias


it has been a quick decision; just a phone call on Tuesday evening that a balloon ride is planned for Wednesday afternoon. But I knew that such trips depend always on many factors. Everything has to fit together, and on the next afternoon we stood ready in Hohentannen to ride a hot air balloon. Piloted by Kurt Frieden (hence the name of this blog entry) we started near the lake of Constance and traveled up to Wil SG.
Of course I took a couple of photos, you may check them at my Flickr album.
image hotair-1s

Christmas 2017

the year 2017 is soon ending and like almost every year before Christmas it is always hectic. This has not been different this year. For all three of us it has been a point landing Winking
It is all the better if we decorate the Christmas tree all together on Christmas Eve and spend a few pleasant hours together. Usually I summarize what we did and experienced during the year in a Christmas letter.

thunderstorm over Rossbuck

during the night of 2nd August, a massive thunderstorm hit the Weinland from Andelfingen towards the lake of Constance (lower lake). Within ten minutes, a so-called super cell has wreaked havoc. The Rossbuck has been affected too.
The roof of the barn has particularly suffered. Several trees around the house are uprooted and overturned (machine shed, parking garage, workshop). The walnut tree in the garden and the one in front of the house half tipped over. The forest in north and east of the house suffered badly. I will document the damage and the following cleanup on a flickr album, a few short videos shot with my multicopter are uploaded to a set on Vimeo.

cycling around the Lake Constance (lower lake)

Nadine really would like to come with me to the MG2017, that was unfortunately not possible for business reasons. After all, she could take a few days off. Together, we went on a bike tour around the lower lake of Lake Constance. On the first day we were biking from Winterthur through the Thurgau to the Reichenau. Sadly we have missed the ferry from Mannenbach to Reichenau and therefore we had to make an additional loop of 18 km to Konstanz. Logically, this makes us even more hungry and thirsty.
The next morning we were travelling to Radolfzell, Moss, Wangen to Stein am Rhein. From there, the way back to Winterthur was well known to us. For me, two intense and nice weeks have come to an end.reichenau-inselgl-blog


Zeppelinflug, 16.05.2017

Flying on an airship was a long-held wish of me. Last Tuesday this wish comes true. I was traveling by airship vom Friedrichshafen over the lake of Konstanz to the isle of Mainau an along the lakeside back to the Zeppelin Hangar.
With the best possible weather this has been an unforgettable trip. As usual my photos are located on a Flickr album. I even did a few short video clips. They may be viewed on my Vimeo collection.
When traveling by airship I remember Airship Venture a company founded by Brian Hall in San Francisco. He offered a similar service from 2008 until 2012 with the same type of airships.

Maître Chocolatier

as a Christmas gift from Nadine, Ivan and Alain I was invited to a workshop at Lindt&Sprüngli to create my own truffes and pralinés. A really „sweet“ gift Happy
Last saturday we drove to Kilchberg and built our own chocolate.
It was fun and we enjoyed it very much. As a result each of us has now is own chocolate supply. Good luck; Ivan has taken a few photos with his new camera that he shared with me.

ice skating Nussbi

short after year's Eve winter has come. In the first few days of January it snowed and then the thermometer remained below zero for two weeks. It was cold enough that the lakes were frozen in our area.
After the lake police checked the thickness of the ice they have been partially released. Over the weekend of 29. January, I did some ice skating on the frozen Nussbaumersee. A nice feeling beeing on the lake again after such a long time.

Xmas and New Year

this year there was no snow in our city on Christmas day, instead it was foggy all day long.
That’s why I toke a day trip to the Säntis on 31. December. It was a wonderful day, sunny and an excellent sight to the east and west.

vacation, SOW 2016

we spent this years vacation in the upper Engadin valley. Nadine and me participate at the swiss o-week 2016 (SOW). It was her desire to spend vacation together and to do these orienteering competitions at he SOW. It was a wonderful week up in the mountains and I really enjoyed the races in that terrain.
On Wednesday (restday at SOW) we travelled to the Ofenpass for a special purpose. Alain was having the idea of the remake of a particular photograph that is on display at home. Therefore we hiked to that place and take the picture again. A nice idea indeed.
Of course there are many other photos, you may find them together with the orienteering maps on my flickr album.

60th anniversary

Yes, it is true Winking yesterday I could celebrate my 60th birthday. To remember that special day Nadine and Alain were organizing a birthday party without my knowledge.
It was a perfect surprise and all my family, friends and acquaintances were already at the Gusslihaus when we arrived.
It was really a special and wonderful evening for me that I will never forget (photos). I have enjoyed it very much and I would like to say thanks to all of you.

2 viewing towers (Randen)

It has been Alains wish to go for a bike ride in the Randen area as five years ago. This time we visited the two remaining observation towers the Beringer and the Sieblinger tower.
The Siblinger tower was unsafe last time and we couldn’t go upstairs. In the meantime there has been a new tower built and we could enjoy a beautiful view from there.
As usual while on a bike trip in the Randen we made a break at the Randenhaus restaurant Happy. You may view a few photos from the trip on the Flickr album.

vacation in Copenhagen

everything has changed this year. Even our plans for vacations. We had cancelled our trip to Scotland already in January when the disease was diagnosed at Marianne. So I decided to travel to Copenhagen for one week and visiting the Danish capital.
Together with Alain, I visited some of the many attractions. You may view the photos on my flickr album or see the video clip on Vimeo (changing of the guard).

living on a building site

on Sunday morning a part of our ceiling in kitchen was falling down with a loud bang. No idea why but it was big luck that none of us was in the kitchen when this happened.
Sure our flat needs a renovation. For more than one week Alain and me were living in this state: quite uncomfortable! At least during the weekend the side covers were removed.
Luckily this work is now finished and we can have back our flat.

in memory of Marianne

It has been two weeks since Marianne has passed away. The sympathy from relatives and friends, the comforting words and the many thoughtful discussions, have been overwhelming.
Thanks to everybody who mourns with us for Marianne.
We have lost you but we’ll never forget you.
I have started a documentary about Marianne’s life in an Album on flickr. I will add more photos in the next weeks and months. If you are interested in her curriculum vitae it is available here as a PDF file.
Marianne has lived for the sport. It’s not surprising that the album contains a lot of sport highlights.
However she was a dear mother and a lovely partner. You’ll also find photos about that topic.

a sad event

suddenly our life has changed. “Unbelievable“ and „sad”, that’s maybe how to describe the feelings and moods we’re in right now.
Marianne, our children’s Mom and my sweetheart is no longer with us.

Alain serves in the Army

on 27. October last year Alain starts his duty in the Swiss Army. After twelve weeks of training there was a public day on last Saturday, 24. January. Alain (front right) was showing their „Zugschule“ together with his comrads (Fotos).
They have trained hard to show even extraordinary exercises (see the video on Vimeo).

Rabland together with Alain

This year Alain joined us (Marianne and me) to stay once more at the hotel Rössl in Rabland. Doing some kind of sports - being it biking, running or hiking - and afterward enjoy all the wellness facilities at the hotel that’s what all of us enjoyed (photos).
On Sunday I was hiking with Alain to the Durster Hof while Marianne was running uphill and meet us at the restaurant.

Flugfest Hagenbuch

An airfield just outside of Winterthur, this is something unusual. An airfield just outside of Winterthur in Hagenbuch, that is very special since that’s the place where Marianne was growing up!
Therefore taking part at this air show is almost a „must“ to me.
On Sunday afternoon just in time to see the P-51 Mustang flying-by over the airfield I arrived in Hagenbuch. One of the main attractions were the two Antonow AN-2 double deckers by Starflight. They offered public flights. But there were far more interesting things to see on that day.

Rössl, Rabland

this years vacation are closely packed. After the midnight sun in Norway followed by the Aviation museum in Bodø there was an exciting open air event in Locarno on Thursday 11. July. Marianne invited me to „An evening with Mark Knopfler“ as a birthday gift. Excellent, thank you so much!
And only two days later we travelled to Rabland (Südtirol) to spend another week at the hotel Rössl.
Even at third time being there we still could discover new bike routes nearby or east of Meran. Thanks to Erich who now acts as some kind of bike guide for the guests at the hotel Rössl. Sure we will come again next year. Wonder why? Check the photos.

long laps of time

indeed there is almost a gap of 7 months since my last entry which is quite unusual.


I have been busy all the time: from October to December I did the fieldwork together with three club members for the new orienteering map Ottenberg. Along with this work I took photos to document my progress. Then after a short break during Christmas time I’ve started drawing the map on the computer. Again there is a short documentation about that work. The new map was finished in late March 2013 just in time for our big event on 13. and 14. April 2013.
I will fill this gap in the next few weeks with additional entries.


vacation 2012, Rabland

Marianne and me spent another week in Rabland with biking and relaxing. Biking most of the time means also climbing because only the cycleway along the river Etsch is flat. It is usual that on each tour you will have to climb from 600 to 1300 meters.
But at the end of each trip we could relax in the wellness pool and enjoyed again a wonderful time at the hotel Rössl. With better maps we did a tour again where we get lost last year. This time without any problems. (photos).

xmas time in Winterthur

always during christmas time the Sulzer tower building is showing a christmas tree like this one or a champagne glass (at New Years Eve).
I like this tradition and since the weather was fine on 26. December I took my camera an shot this picture.

De Havilland museum, London

This one was hard to find. It was not because it wasn’t that big as Hendon or Duxford but my navi didn’t know all about the postal codes in UK. But we managed that too and when we arrived at 4.30 pm at the De Havilland museum a friendly mister explained to us why this museum is located exactly here at this place. The first prototype of the De Havilland Mosquito was built in one of this hangars!
The De Havilland Heritage Air Center has three Mosquitos in their hangar among other aircrafts (photo album). Very funny to see a Swiss Vampire here, I remember to see them flying over Nussbaumen when I was a child.

RAF Museum, Hendon

The next museum on our tour was the Royal Air Force museum at Hendon (London). Here too, an impressive list of famous and well know airplanes can be seen on display along with a lot of useful information regarding aviation. Hendon shines in this part with its „Timeline“.
Something I did realize here in the Battle of Britain expositions is the fact that Great Britain was under attack during the summer of 1940 and that the people suffered by the German bombing.
Interesting to see German airplanes that one can not see in a German museum. There are photo albums of the „Milestones“, „Bombers“ and „Battle of Britain“ halls.

IWM Duxford, England

Having seen many of the Air Museums in Germany and Switzerland my brothers and me decided to travel to England and see what’s on display there. Since traveling to England take quite a while we planned to visit more than one museum.
Flying to Stansted seems a good starting point for the IWM at Duxford in the north, not far from Cambridge, and the various museums located in London.
Duxford is huge! All the aircrafts are displayed in over six hangars (seeing here the Air and Space hangar). While our visit there was a Catalina and an F-86 Sabre doing test flights for the upcoming air show a week later (see the videos). There’s no surprise that we could see airplanes that one never would see in Switzerland.
When the museum did close its doors at 6 pm we weren’t through all the halls. Maybe we had to come again to see all the things. There are photo albums of the Air and Space, the Flying Aircrafts plus Battle of Britain and the American Air Museum.


vacation 2011 Flims (SOW)

From 30. July to 6. August Marianne and Nadine participate at the Swiss Orienteering Week in Flims wehreas Alain an me were visiting a few points of interest in the surroundings like the Viamala canyon or the convent (school) in Disentis (see Photos).
On day 3 the competition starts at the foot of the Vorab glacier about 2560 meters above sea level. On this particular map experimental symbols are used for the snow fields (lightblue) and for the desert like ground in front of the glacier (light brown). You can see a bigger picture of the map on the Flickr set to get a better impression.

vacation 2011 Südtirol

Marianne and me spend one week in Rabland (belongs to Partschins) in the Vinschgau a valley in the western part of Südtirol (Italy). Fact is, it is not far from Switzerland and we knew from our friends that in Rabland the Hotel Rössl provides an excellent service.
Sure every day we enjoy very much the wellness part of the hotel but after some sports Winking .
The whole region offers many bike tours well marked so we had no problem finding our way. Well, as long as we followed such a route which wasn’t always the case.
The altitude graphs of most of the tours look similar like the one shown below (green): straight up the hill and then down again. I have recorded most of our tours with my Garmin Edge and uploaded the tracks to the Internet. You may find more of them on the activity board. Sure there are a few photos on a Flickr set too.

Alains Confirmation

This Sunday is Alain’s day, the day of his confirmation. This is not only a significant religious event but it is also an interesting period when a young is becoming an adult (sooner or later).
In a few weeks Alain will finishing his secondary school and then beginning his apprenticeship. He will get a commercial education at the municipal administration of Rickenbach.

Citytour Madrid

On Sunday we travelled by car to Madrid which is about 350 kilometers further inland.

The weather was sunny and we could watch the different landscapes. Madrid was like an „old friend“, since we had Nadine with us who speaks Spanish and knew all the good places to be Happy
There we also met the guest-family during her Au-pair stay two years ago. Monday was the final shopping trip for Nadine while Marianne and me visited the town center (Sol).

Here I saw these policemen on their horses (more photos from the Citytour).

Citytour Valencia

As an xmas gift I was invited to a city trip to Valencia and Madrid. From Friday 14. January until Sunday we visited Valencia. This beautiful city is situated on the Mediterranean coast. There is an interesting mix of the old and the new. Especially notable is the „The city of Arts and Sciences“ (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) in the old riverbed Turia.

We have also visited the new harbor that was built for the 32. America’s cup in 2007 (see the photos on Flickr).

Luftfahrt musem, Schwennigen

It is some kind of tradition now that my brothers and me are visiting any kind of museums between Xmas and New Year as long as there is anything to see that flies.

This year we went to see the „International Luftfahrt-Museum“ at Villingen-Schwenningen, a private exibition with most of the aircrafts displayed outdoors.

xmas time

This year over Christmas time we saw a beautiful snow-covered landscape.
During about two weeks we had a „real winter“ with snow and temperatures below -10° C. This was also the case on Stefan’s day (Boxing Day) when we went out for a walk near the Rossbuck (more photos).

Biking the Randen

Having finally the right colors on my GPS map I immediately would like to test its efficiency. That’s why I’ve planned a bike trip (course in the language of GPS) in the Randen region.

Together with Alain we’ve started at Hemmental to our trip to the three observation towers Hagenturm, Schleitheimer Randenturm and Siblinger Randentrum (photo album). Now there is only one tower missing, the Beringer Randenturm. Maybe we will visiting it next year Happy

vacation in Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel - the Legend, that’s what the slogan of this city is. We have won one week holiday in a hotel only four kilometers away from Kitzbühel at a contest. So we decide to go and see what’s all about that slogan. Happy

Kitzbühel is a nice little city comparable to St. Moritz (maybe) and like many other winter sport places Kitzbühel is famous regarding downhill skiing. One day Alain and me were hiking part of the „Streif“ up to the Hahenkamm while Marianne was running up the mountain.
We did also a couple of bike trips in the surrounding region (see photos).

Henry gets Eighty

This year my dad celebrates his 80ies birthday. Time for a birthday celebration with friends and relatives. That’s what Regina, Hannes, Sam and me thought.

And so we start our preparation for this family party. We remember that our parents have invited all their friends already some time ago and everyone was excited about that - they were talking about it whenever they met again. But finding all the addresses after all this years took us some time.

summer vacation, St. Moritz

during July we spent a few days in St. Moritz. The Youth Hostel there is currently in renovation.

hiking to Pontresina
From here we visited the National Park near Zernez and of course we were hiking to Pontresina because of the fine cakes in the cafe Puntschella (photo album).

flying in a Ju 52

On this Saturday my brothers Sam and Hannes had the chance to fly in a Junkers Ju 52. The JuAir is operating four Ju 52 airplanes in Dübendorf. But these flight are fully booked for a long time ahead (usually more than one year).

When Sam an me were searching for a gift to Hannes 50th birthday we discussed such a flight. But it took us quite a while to finally get in the air. Both Sam and me took some photos and put them on Flickr (Sam’s album, Ueli’s album).

Nadine's homecoming

today Nadine’s time as Au-pair in Madrid is ending. She comes back home by airplane. Together with her friends we receive her at the airport.

They were invited to a little welcome party at our home. Nadine advised us what to prepare in advance.

visiting Thann (France)

on Saturday we travelled to Thann near Mulhouse in the Alsace. There we met Anne and Michèle the daughters of Charlie and Collette, friends of our parents over the years. This time it was Hannes who searched the Internet and found the address of Michèle. But it took a couple of month to fix a date for this reunion (more photos by Sam)

In the afternoon we walked up the hill to the Croix du Rangen. From there we had a beautiful sight to Thann and its surroundings.

never ending winter

this year we see a very harsh winter. Over and over it starts snowing again as soon as the ‚old‘ snow has been cleared away.

footprints in the snow
This happened from mid december until now. I am wondering how long this will go on.
Foot in Mouth

running weeks Mallorca

for the second time MegaJoule was leading their running weeks in Peguera (Mallorca).

After last years success they offered two courses now and therefore Marianne was working from 21. February to 6. March down in Spain. There are a lot of photos from this events on Flickr now (choose your album from the set).

Dornier museum Friedrichshafen

between christmas and new year I have visited the Dornier museum at Friedrichshafen together with my two brothers.

The Dornier museum just opened last summer and the latest state of technology is incorporated to this exhibition. It was a pleasure to visit it and it is even close to Winterthur (see the photos).

minus 14°C

during the last day (and night of course) the temperature here in Winterthur has changed from around 5° Celsius to -14°C due to an arctic wind. Beside this it was also snowing a little bit.

Enough to have covered the landscape in white as you can see on this photo (photo taken at around 5 pm).

visiting Madrid

It is now about two month since Nadine started her au-pair job in Madrid, time to see if she is going well. Marianne invited me for that weekend to Madrid. We arrived on Friday evening by airplane and met Nadine for dinner.

On Saturday we went to the city (SOL) to see a few famous places (you can’t see every place in one weekend, this city is too big) and of course we were also shopping. On the next morning we were walking in the Retiro park and enjoying the beautiful autumn here in the south of Europe.

Sepp gets 60, Churchill-Pfeil

One of our family friends, Sepp Reichlin is celebrating his 60 birthday. We were invited to that special event too.

With a special train from the 30ies called Churchill-Pfeil we enjoyed a trip to Andelfingen - Rheinfall - Stein am Rhein - Kreuzlingen -Weinfelden - back to Winterthur. Its named after Sir Winston Churchill who visited Switzerland short after the 2nd WW. Then he did use this train to travel through Switzerland.

Bicycle tour to Tössegg - Eglisau

On that sunny autumn day during school holidays we went for a bicycle ride to the „Zürcher Unterland. First we stopped at the Tössegg where the two rivers Töss and Rhein merge.

At Eglisau we had break for lunch before we were continuing our trip to Rüdlingen - Flaach - Volken - Henggart and back to Winterthur.

departure to Madrid

having a Matura diplom also means that it is time for a new era. Nadine decides to start their studies at the University next year and first will improve her skills in Spanish. Therefore she leaves to Madrid to work as an au pair girl for the next nine month (or so).

Here she has packed all her luggage and is ready to leave. We accompany her to the airport in Zurich.

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Today Marianne and me are celebrating our 25th wedding day. Time moves on really fast!

Taking a look into our album brings back a lot of memories Happy

Nadines maturity celebration

today we were invited by the Kantonschule Rychenberg to be part of the maturity celebration. This - I would say - ceremonial act was held at the Stadthaus in Winterthur.

class by class every single student gets his result and certificate from the prorector of the Gymnasium Rychenberg Mister Jürgen Thon Benz.

bicycle tour Stralsund - Usedom

This years summer vacation we (Alain and me) travelled to northeastern Germany to a part called Ostvorpommern. There we had rented bicycles. We then were biking from town to town. Our journey starts at Stralsund. On the following days we stayed at Greifswald, Wolgast, Zinnowitz and Usedom.

Alain in front of the Hotel Preussenhof at Zinnowitz
At Usedom we left our bikes and took a bus to Anklam from where the train leaves back to Switzerland. As selection of the huge amount of photos is on my Ostsee 2009 Flickr ablum.

HTI Peenmünde

From Zinnowitz we went to a roundtrip on 22. July to Peenmünde. I have read a lot about German aircraft history and visiting the exhibition at Peenmünde was almost a "must have" to me.

The "Historical Technical Information Center" (HTI) is located mainly at the former power station. Today it focuses on rocket science. But during the period from 1936 to 1945 it was also a test site for the German air force (Luftwaffe). Btw the rocket testing and development was under contol of the army (Heer) then.
Pictures from the HTI are on my Flickr photoset Ostsee 2009.

easter, Klingenzell and orienteering

on Good Friday 10. April 2009 Alain and me were going on a bike trip (around 20km) to Moorwilen, Klingenzell and Freudenfels whereras Nadine and Marianne were staying in a training camp in Ravensburg (Germany). But on Easter Monday we met at the Weinfelder OL in Thundorf.

Here Alain is passing the control number 97 near the end of his course on H14.


Another member in our 50's club! Winking Hannes my younger (but not the youngest) brother celebrates his "special" birthday today. All of our family met at the castle of Hohenklingen above Stein am Rhein for dinner.

The castle Hohenklingen has been reopened as a restaurant last summer after rennovation. The castle is open to the public. From the main tower you have an excellent view to the west (seen here), the south and the east.

Maturarbeit Nadine

on this Saturday Nadine has given a presentation of her examination work. During the last couple of months she worked continously on her thesis. In her dissertation she did some research of how sport could have an influence in your daily life.

summer vacation, NVG08

NVG stands for Nordvestgaloppen an orienteering event in the Vestland district of Norway. Nordvestgaloppen is held every second year. This years event center was located in Voss.

With 'only' about 1000 participants NVG is a small event compared to O-ringen but we enjoyed the ambience even more. Visit the album on my Flickr account to see more photos of our vacation.

summer vacation, hiking in Jotunheimen

in the following days Alain and me were travelling and hiking in Norway. Driving from Stöten (se) to Lom (no) and hiking in Jotunheimen one day.

We enjoyed this area because of the mountains. In Lom we could also visit the Fjellmuseum that provides interesting informations about the mountains in Norway.

summer vacation, O-ringen

this year we have spent our summer vacation in Scandinavia. First we were doing orienteering at the "worlds greatest orienteering event" O-ringen in Sälen (Dalarna) from 21. to 25. july.

We were staying at Stöten which is close to the Norwegian boarder (about 2km). This five day orienteering event is really big, around 23000 competitors in more than 120 classes had registered.

Jugi-Tag 2008

Every year the young gymnasts of the cantone Zurich met for a competition. This year the "Jugendriege Tag" was held in Dinhard which is only 8 kilometers outside of Winterthur. But Alain had to get up early at 5.30 this morning to go the the railway station.

In the afternoon I went for a short bicycle tour and visited them in Dinhard. Driving with a bicycle is now possible again after my surgical operation at my right knee almost four weeks ago.

Schauenberg trip

on this Saturday I need a break and Alain agreed to go for a short hiking. Only half an hour outside of Winterthur you can walk to the Schauenberg. It is a hill only 890m above sea level but you have an excellent sight from the alps in the south to the Randen which is north of the river Rhein.

Alain sitting on the wall of the former tower on the Schauenberg
In the back you may see the villages of Eschlikon and Aadorf.

Chlaus OL 2007

Soon this year is ending, time to go out in the forest and meet Santa Claus!
This year he stopped near a hut on the orienteering map Hummbelberg a few kilometers south west of Wilen. Alain and me had no problem to find the forest but finding Santa Claus was difficult because of the o-course. But we managed that again and Alain could tell his "Värsli" (peom).

It is amazing how much Santa Claus knows about all the orienteers from our region Winking More photos of Santa and "Schmutzli" on Flickr.

city trip to Stockholm

no sports , no family just Marianne an me. After intensive weeks with the NWK-NOS and and even tougher competitions during the last months is was time do "something else".
Since we enjoied our summer vacation in Halden and Göteborg very much we decided to go once again to Scandinavia and booked a short trip to Stockholm.

underground station Hötorget, the blue T stands for Tunnelbana

Similar weather as in Winterthur but a little more windy and still the beautiful colours of autumn in the parks and streets. And to no suprise the shopping streets are still crowded with people Happy

youth camp in Filzbach

during school vacation this autumn Alain stays for one week at the Sportzentrum Kerenzerberg in Filzbach. This is one of the biggest sport centers in the north east part of Switzerland. The gymnasts of TV Veltheim are celebrating their 100th anniversary and they organized this camp for their young gymnasts.

Visitors day

On Wednesday there was the official visiting day. Marianne and Nadine went to Filzbach and enjoyed a sunny day together with Alain and the other children.

Scandinavia 2007

this years summer vacation from 14. July to 1. August brought us to Halden (Norway) and Lerum (Sweden). Alain and me were traveling by car to Halden where we met the athletes of NWK-NOS for two weeks of orienteering training.

traveling routes in southern Scandinavia, up to Halden (1), next to Lerum (2) near Göteborg and to Billund (3)

At both locations we stayed in a club "Hytte" somewhere out in the nature. I rareley could take pictures because most of the time I was takeing videos. There are only a handful of photos on a flickr set.

We left three days earlier to visit Legoland in Billund (Denmark).

Hiking Ebenalp-Säntis

I had to postpone this trip by one year because of my injury last october but this year we start to this tour. It is a day trip starting from Winterthur at 8.00 in the morning and returning home at 6 pm in the evening.

this picture was taken from the "Öhrlisattel" about one and a half kilometer away from the Säntis

On this day we found excellent wheather conditions (good sight) that made the trip a real pleasure. Ok, at the end it gets tough because of the climbing and of course we get tired after almost 4 hours of walking.

the red cirle markes the point from where the first photo was taken

I had done this tour already with Nadine when she was 10 but we didn't had such a beautiful sight then.