new and fresh look

finally, after the usual detailed and almost endless selection process for a new design, my website is up-to-date again. This time, I also updated the content and deleted or updated some outdated information. There is still one big question: which logo should I use now? I have drawn these three owl logos, they are only visible on sit-down devices. Which one would you choose? Comments are welcome..
image uh-logo-decisions

happy weaving

during the last couple of days I am heavily involved in all kinds of website creating. It started with Rapidweaver and proceeded with Jimdo. Teaching how to build websites I know both, desktop CMS programs like RW and also the sitebuilders like Mozello, Weebly and so on. However I seldom using Jimdo even it is very popular here in Switzerland. Since sitebuilders are self explaining it wasn’t a big thing to write a website Jimdo. But one thing I have learned: Jimdo is now available in two versions. The newer one costs more and has less features, but hey it had some kind of AI built in Gasp
image weaving-spindle

change of scenery

or maybe even more than just a change of scenery (Tapetenwechsel). In addition to a long overdue new topic for the .net website, a revision of the content is also necessary.
And then we already write the year 2018 (late 2018, August to be exact). A few days ago Realmacsoftware released their latest version of RapidWeaver: RapidWeaver 8. Now my english website (.net) definitely belongs to the old iron.
So there is a lot of evidence of a total rebuild of the website.
image 10years-of-rw-icons