Short S.C.1 - a remarkable model

The experimental aircraft Short S.C.1 that I have now finished as a model in 1:72 isn’t just an ordinary plastic kit as most of my models. It also has a special meaning to me.
First the Short S.C.1 was at the beginning of the Harrier story. The famous VTOL aircraft developed by Hawker Siddeley.
Second this kit is a resin kit from Pro Resin Models. Resin as a material is difficult to handle, it easily breaks and you have first to cut and sand every piece of the kit before you can start assembling it. I’ve built other kits with resin parts but this one is an all resin kit so it took a lot of time and patience to finish it (photos of the model).
And finally it remembers me of my childhood. I saw this aircraft in a magazine and from that moment I always insist to get one if my mother went to Winterthur for shopping. This was in the 60ies and of course there was no such kit around at that time. But as you see - time is changing.
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