F-104A Starfighter (1:72)

To have my gallery of „famous Lockheed airplanes“ complete there was one airplane missing for a long time: the Starfighter F-104. I was looking around for the A-Version, the very early types with the all metal surface.
Most of the kits available today are G-types or later (the A-version is having a shorter rudder compared to the G-version). I get an old AMT Ertl kit and also a few additional parts (PE, resin and decals). Then I’ll give the superfine metal colors from MrCOLOR a try. Now it is finished and also my gallery consisting of the U2, P9 Orion (Swissair), Electra (back), Starfighter and the Vega (Winnie Mae). All of them have written history.
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