E-Sky Lama, micro e-heli

just another one of these coax-helis. After my electronic box, called 4-in-1, went dead while flying outdoor together with my brother I decided to buy another coax heli. I wasn't sure if I could repair it myself or how long it would take to get it repaired or a replacement.

My decision was for a Lama V3 from E-Sky because for this model I can use my preferred radio. And then there were a lot of recommendations out in the Internet for this brand heli.

of course I need a personal design as with the Bell 47G *g*

This is my Lama repainted after a Swiss Alouette II from BOHAG. First impression is that the Lama reacts more direct to controls than the Bell and therefore makes it more dynamic to flight. On the other side I had to learn the limitations of this rotor system (crash if the flybar touches the rotor head).
Now I own two of these coax-helis. That's because I could successfully repair the 4-in-1 of the Bell 47G. Let's see which one lasts longer.
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