Kaman K-Max, scale 1:1

it’s true the Fokker triplanes aren’t yet finished and now a new and even more interesting kit will become real. While surfing my bookmarks searching for WW I airfield accessories I found Attack Squadron a small company from Poland. They have almost finished a resin kit of the K-Max in scale 1:72. I have already preordered it!
A few years ago such a model kit was already announced but never had been released. Things look much better now.
I have been in contact with Attack Squadron and I know that they will release it as the unmanned version of the US Marines. But I will build a civil version of the K-Max.
Rotex Helicopter AG is operating the last two K-Max in Europe. Rotex Helicpoter is located in Balzers (FL) just about one hour away from Winterthur. I asked for details about their helis. Willy Gantner kindly invited me to come to Balzers and take some photos of the real helicopter. Together with Sam who is a professional photographer I visited Rotex Helicopter last Thursday afternoon. His and my pictures are already on various Flickr sets. I will now design my own custom decals to build that helicopter in 1:72.
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